Why Custom Publish?

Custom publishing is a proven gateway to the world of public opinion. Using tools and materials that were once considered too costly and difficult to access, all types of organizations now have the ability to define and deliver their own message.

In a professionally prepared magazine, newsletter or brochure, one written and designed for a specific readership, an organization can validate advances and achievements, distinguish products and services, promote personnel and leadership, and launch discussion of political, social and economic issues.

For shaping expectations, sharing information and stirring new ideas, the power of the printed word is unmatched. Combined with carefully selected graphics, an engaging narrative sets the stage for informed action. Words matter, pictures speak volumes.

For branding, custom publishing provides unfettered access to the decision makers you most want to reach, most often at a cost that is nominal compared to television, radio or traditional advertising.

Delivery systems for custom published materials enable users to pinpoint appropriate recipients, establish VIP lists and ensure repeat impressions.

When you are ready to take advantage of the benefits of powerful, cost-effective, custom publishing tools, SHM Publishing will be prepared to help. We have more than 20 years of editorial services experience with which to help you shape, deliver and measure the impact of your message.