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Since 1983, SHM Publishing has specialized in writing and editing substantiated, custom community health newsletter articles.

Today we have a library of more than 4,000 articles which our clients can use for inspiration and further customization -- at a fraction of the cost that a new article would cost.

You can download, review and sort the titles of the articles in our library, their target readers, and the category of the topics covered, such as heart or mammography or ER.

Once you download our Excel Library Index file, you'll be able to sort for the kinds of stories you're looking for. When you have found a title that interests you, e-mail us at shm@shmpublishing.com. Be sure to include the number and title of the article(s) you're interested in.

We will return a digital sample of your selection and you'll have the option of buying the article as is or asking us to further customize and update the article. In either case, you'll find that using the SHM Publishing library is a time- and cost-saving method to create high quality health care material for your community publications or Website.

Contact shm@shmpublishing.com if you have questions or need additional information or by calling 800.575.8511