Multiple Uses
Newsletters serve many purposes. For nonprofit organizations, the short-form newsletter helps spread the word about a good cause and recognizes contributors and key leadership. For companies seeking to educate employees and increase awareness of management themes, the newsletter offers a friendly but professional platform. For regional institutions that want a cost-effective means of being in touch with far-flung constituencies, the newsletter is a proven communications tool. For business conservation and to energize membership, the newsletter format offers convenient and authoritative proof of belonging, as well as the opportunity to inform. Calendars, community events, continuing education programs, and subtle forms of informational marketing – all can be accomplished in the traditional newsletter format.

Dressed to be Read
Such publications are front-line soldiers in the army of communications tools employed by many companies and organizations. Less confining than a standard brochure, the four- or eight-page newsletter allows an organization ample opportunity to make specific points and then to make long shelf-life use of the finished piece at a later date. Slipping neatly into a press kit or mailed as a stand-alone item, these publications have a way of reinforcing an organization's commitment in the eyes of the reader. Unlike spam, a newsletter arrives in the mail and cannot be discarded with a mere click of the mouse. Properly designed and assembled, the newsletter presents itself as proof positive that its contents are legitimate and deserve attention. Unlike a post card or "buck slip" (inserted with a letter as a reminder or "extra note"), the properly attired newsletter arrives as an unexpected but welcome visitor.

You Set the Timetable
Newsletters afford the sender an opportunity to be present on a scheduled basis or at a frequency that will serve the sender's long-term purpose. Decision-makers want, need and will be persuaded by accurate information. Never knowing when a decision is about to be made, the author of the newsletter assumes that with an appropriate frequency, there is a good chance that the recipient will a) remember their cause and b) make a buying or contributing decision based on a sense of belonging.

Our Extensive Library
Here at SHM Publishing we have created all kinds of newsletters for all kinds of occasions. From scientific foundations to horse racing aficionados, our clientele is diverse. We have learned from literally hundreds of projects what kinds of headlines and calls to action will be effective, how to treat photographs in ways that will be appealing, and what to do about writing for an audience that may be both sophisticated and harried.

For samples of the kinds of newsletters you might be interested in, please contact us. Our extensive samples library is an important resource for anyone who is seriously considering a publication of this sort.