SHM Publishing helps position an organization,
company or product by developing appropriate
copy and graphics.


Here is an example of the use of graphics and copy to tell an interesting story about the technology behind hard drives. We worked closely with executives at Maxtor/MMC Technology to develop a succinct summary of how one of the world's leading hard drive manufacturers has excelled in a highly competitive industry.


By developing brochures, newsletters, annual reports
and press kits with a shared, distinctive look, we help
organizations build name recognition and create
increased awareness of their products or services.


Catalogues not only list products and details about products – they
also offer an opportunity to discuss value-added services.
Carefully prepared, a product catalogue becomes an important image-
enhancing tool that can help you inform buyers about the kind of
company you are.



The one- or two-sided sell sheet is a genre unto itself.
Whether for a single product or as a cost-effective handout for trade
shows, sell sheets enable us to focus the reader's attention on the
facts associated with a single product or issue.


Newsletters come in all shapes and sizes. They tell your members, prospects and supporters on a periodic basis that yours is an organization of substance. Newsletters help an organization focus on its identity and communicate its strengths. They help build rapport with readers on an on-going basis. Newsletters are a valuable tool in business conservation and in keeping memberships
and supporters well informed.


We are proud to be able to offer your message in the language of
your choice.