Collateral, Annual Reports, Brochures & Direct Mail

The writers and editors at SHM Publishing have been on "both sides of
the desk." They have purchased creative services from other agencies
and they themselves have been providers of those services. It's
important experience that gives us a head start on meeting your
collateral needs.

We understand the priorities of executives who want proactive
creative and editorial support. You won't find us shy when it comes
to asking the questions necessary to tell your story properly. Nor will
we spend any more time than necessary haunting the premises in
search of inspiration. We are adults who know how to perform
independent research. Most importantly, we'll find ways to make
your message clear, engaging and useful for you and your readers.

Shaping an annual report, regardless of the specific field, takes
patience, persistence and imagination, not to mention the
ability to track, weigh and give due diligence to multiple points of
view. Finally, the message needs to have legs of its own and to
convey a style that is uniquely yours. Identity and service brochures
require a focus on detail and the ability to use advertising copy
writing skills that make the information memorable. Post cards must
be jet-fueled, and direct mail is a world unto itself, depending on
what you want from your recipients. Recognizing the differences in
these genres is step one.

We have samples for your consideration in a wide range of product
and service groups: banking, community service, computers,
entertainment, financial services, fundraising, health, hospitals and
medical centers, insurance, law, medical research, recycling, safety,
strategic business planning and technology. Please contact us for the
samples you need.