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100% Custom

vs. Canned


Leading health care marketers agree that custom community newsletters have the highest ROI of any marketing tool they use. SHM Publishing has specialized in 100% custom health care publishing for over 20 years. Every word and design element is custom-fitted to your market and message. Most publishers simply add your name to a generic publication patched together using canned articles and "cookie-cutter" designs. This kind of publication, which subordinates your unique marketing aims to their strategy of recycling for maximum profit, is extremely ineffective. To create and publish a product comparable to what SHM can deliver every quarter, add 40-50 hours to your monthly schedule.



Letter-perfect copy-editing, professional four-color graphics, award-winning design and content. Ask to see samples and compare. One look will tell you why SHM is the leader in medical marketing publications. Unless you've done this as long as we have, we'll be tough to beat.



 We write only fully substantiated articles that adhere to both FTC and HIPAA standards. If you have an approval process to go through, we'll also handle that for you. Ask: Can they do it? And how much extra does it cost? Add another 30 hours per publication for research and approvals.


to Your

Target Market:

Give us your targeted demographic and we'll hit it perfectly, with any delivery system you wish to use. List management and updating are all part of the turnkey price we quote. Ask if targeted distribution and list management is included in their quote. If they ask what that is, hang up! Add another 10 hours per publication for targeting, distribution and list management.

Health Care



We provide extensive marketing expertise, and work closely with
you to devise specific strategies so that every line we write optimizes the impact of the marketing messages you want to deliver.
With the overriding goal of reselling their canned articles to multiple clients, most publishers will only pay lip service to your strategic
marketing needs.
You have the expertise on how to position and market your organization. We'll work closely with you to put our expertise at the service of your knowledge and ideas.

100% Custom

= High Impact

= High ROI:

We consistently deliver exceptional, 100% custom publications that provide a far higher response rate than any canned alternative all for one low, all-inclusive price. Canned newsletters do not serve to differentiate or increase the perceived value of your organization, or to build brand loyalty. While you may find a lower price, the product you'd be purchasing is not comparable.
When you factor in the actual expense of attempting to produce an SHM-quality newsletter on your own, you will find that the costs far exceed the cost of outsourcing to SHM.