Custom Publishing Boosts ROI
  • A recent survey of marketing directors by the Custom Publishing Council showed that over 90 percent of respondents successfully integrate custom publishing with other marketing initiatives.

  • Respondents to an Association of Publishing Agencies study said that custom publishing outranked print, television and radio advertising, Internet marketing and telemarketing in their marketing plans.

  • An APA poll of consumers showed that 57 percent have purchased a product or service from a company as a direct result of reading about it in a customer magazine.
  • Corporations spent nearly $20 billion on custom communication vehicles in 2001.

  • Nineteen percent of Medicare beneficiaries surveyed said that direct mail influenced them to choose an HMO. Direct mail was third on the list after word-of-mouth and open houses, and almost as influential as sales calls, television and newspaper advertising put together.

  • On the average, each copy of a custom newsletter or magazine is read by three people.